May the Fourth be with you

Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood and one of the first science fiction (well – I prefer to think about it as science fantasy but more on that later. I think I am going to do a post on that later) movies I got obsessed with. I watched the original trilogy ad nauseum as a kid with my parents, and the prequels were the first movies that I religiously followed the production of – keeping track of filming and release dates, casting announcements etc. I also was young enough when they came out that I wasn’t aware that they were “bad movies” and because of that I do have a sentimental attachment to them and can watch them without wanting to punch things.

But I owe a lot to Star Wars. Star Wars introduced me to so many things, things which later in life helped me make some of my most meaningful relationships. They helped me fall in love with movies as well as the sci fi/fantasy genre. And while it wasn’t till college that I bonded with other nerds, they really helped shape me into who I’ve become. They’ve also helped me get closer with my father. As I have gotten more into science fiction he has started recommending to me some of his favorite authors and movies.

So basically I guess the point of this post is that I love Star Wars. Hell, this isn’t really a shock to those who know me (and those really are the only readers of this blog) – last year my boyfriend at the time even gave me a Star Wars rebel alliance necklace for my birthday. Well to make this a not completely useless post I guess this is as good a place as any to let you all know my plans for this blog. I am going to try to post on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule – but if that doesn’t work at least twice a week. One of those posts will be a movie/book review of some sort, the other will be my thoughts on some aspect of science fiction/ sci fi culture, and the other is a freebie? We shall see.

But thank you all for reading my ramblings. May the force be with you.


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  1. deelaytful says :

    May the fourth be with you!

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