Review: The Avengers

Caution: This most may contain spoilers – not really, but this way you can’t bitch at me.

I just need to start off by saying I think this was the most perfect comic book movies I have ever seen, actually in general too. This was the tightest script I have ever seen. All of the lines were perfectly written and timed. The cast was all amazing. I was worried they wouldn’t work as an ensemble but they did. The visual effects were awesome. I usually hate 3D (and I mean hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns) but I liked it in this, they didn’t make it as gimmicky as some other movies.

This is why the nerd movies should be made by nerds. It just works. And it seems obvious, but I think that is where it goes wrong a lot of the time. Get someone who loves the material and it will show. (Just like with Moffat/Doctor Who&Sherlock.)

But oh my god that script. The jokes were not too corny. They were smart, funny, subtle and not forced at all. Actually that was one of the strong points with all of the conversations. They felt natural. It actually felt like all of these characters were hanging out and interacting with one another. Going into the movie Thor and Captain America were my favorites, and while they still are I do have a new love for the Hulk and Iron Man. I just loved the scenes where they fought (witty banter as well as fists/hammers). While I loved the three way fight between Iron Man, Captain America and Thor (I like the ego battle the happens when you get the biggest heros alone in a room together) the Hulk/Loki scene really just stole the whole movie. It was just simply perfection.

Again, the only way I can describe this movie is: perfect. I need the DVD now.

Also, as my friend pointed out, Joss Whedon needs to keep making movies because they can’t get prematurely canceled.


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