My Dream Galatic Vacation

I recently saw this post about top vacation spots in science fiction in fantasy, which inspired me to write my own. After much deliberation and brainstorming (and by that I mean chatting with my friends) I have my list, my top 5 plus 2 honorable mentions. They are in no particular order. (God it took me this long to narrow it down this far, please don’t ask me to try to rank them.) So here we go, my dream galatic vacations. Also I would put a disclaimer saying I’m not as much of a fat-ass as this post makes me seem, but that would be a blatant lie. I love food.

Naboo (Star Wars)

Now it was really hard for me to pick just one planet from the Star Wars universe. There are just so many places I’d like to go, like Endor, Coruscant, Dagoba. But considering the prompt, what place would I most like to vacation? Gotta be Naboo. It just looks so serene. Besides you can spend some time in Theed enjoying the perks of city life, then go relax in the Lake Country then visit the Bubble cities. God I’d love to see the Bubble cities. Naboo has it all. Literally. But seriously, I don’t think you understand how badly I want to go to an underwater city. Especially one that is satisfyingly bubble like.

Luna (The Moon is a Harsh Mistress)

This may just be because I would KILL to live on the Moon and am a Heinlein fan girl, but holy shit balls this would be so cool. Gender ratio is totally to my advantage, I wouldn’t have to worry about any unwanted attention. There is a really cool mix of cultures, so the food has got to be great. Plus I would really love to ride their public transportation. And while TANSTAFL, that isn’t really a problem for me.

The Shire (The Hobbit)

How could this not be on the list? I mean A) it is beautiful. Lovely scenery, fun inhabitants. But more importantly B) food. You know you’re going to eat well while you’re here. I’d love to spend a few days just hanging out, eating, singing, and smoking a pipe with the Hobbits. They take their food seriously, and I totally respect that.

Atlantis (Atlantis the Lost Empire)

Ok how could you not want to take one of those ships for a ride? Also great souvenirs, I want to take one of those crystals home with me. And as you know I am a food person, their food definitely looked worth trying. Like those giant lobster things. And as I’ve mentioned I like underwater/water based societies. So yeah, this is an obvious choice.

Milliways (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Oh come on, as a total foodie and sci-fi geek how could the actual restaurant at the end of the universe not be on this list? I mean apart from the fact that there isn’t any tea, this would just be the most awesome meal. Ever. (I really need to get the radio series, because apparently in it Thor, you know the god of thunder, orders Trillian champagne.) It would be quite the day though to get lunch at the Big Bang Burger Bar and end the day at Milliways. I just mean what a show.

honorable mentions:

Winterfell (A Song of Ice and Fire)

The reason why this only got an honorable mention and didn’t make the final cut is because its off season is hellish. And lasts forever. Yeah and as much as I’d love to go there planning a vacation would be a bitch. Because you never really know how long each season is going to last. But yeah apart from that I’d love to check out the Wall while I’m there, spend some time with any living Starks. It seemed like they have a lot of stews, so get some of the local grub and booze. Also those hot spring bath things Catelyn mentioned in the books sounded awesome. I would really like to visit the godswood though.

Arbre (Anathem)

This one got pushed done to honorable mention because it isn’t so much the world that I want to visit but the people. I would love to be able to be on Arbre at the Apert, preferably when the Hundred Year gate is open. Or even better the Thousand Year gate. I just want to talk to them. An academic monastery type thing? Sounds epic. I would love to just spend the 10 days of Apert walking around chatting and hearing all of their knowledge.

So what are your top 5?


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2 responses to “My Dream Galatic Vacation”

  1. Max says :

    Seattle (Shadowrun)

    Masaq’ Orbital (The Culture)

    Darujhistan (The Malazan Book of the Fallen)

    Mars- (Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy)

    New Crobuzon (Perdido Street Station)

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