I won’t fly anywhere without…

If you’re about to go in a spaceship of some sort on a voyage to the stars, what would you want with you? Or who would you want with you? Here is my list. For sake of, I dunno, something I’m not including specific individuals. I feel like it would probably be easier to get say a Wookie than Chewbacca. Also that way I don’t have any constraints timeline wise. Yes I know, it isn’t like any of this is actually happening so f**k the timeline. But hey, my blog my rules.

So to start off the list I would like a Wookie. Why? Apart from the fact that they are totally bad ass, they’re also extremely loyal (to the point of being total distrustful of strangers) and smart. I would feel a lot safer and more secure with a Wookie running around the ship since they can perform the duties of pilot as well as mechanic. Also, wouldn’t you feel like your odds of survival in a fight are greatly increased by having a Wookie on your side?

Speaking of feeling more secure in battle, I want a Luxan on my ship. These naturally great warriors who value survival over most things I think would be a great person to have on board, perhaps as the head of security or something. Besides their ability to knock people out with their tongues would probably be usefully. But most importantly the fact that they can survive in the vacuum of space for about 15 minutes would be really handy. It would make inspections/minor repairs to the hull that much easier.

Also from Farscape I want an Interion. These guys are great with the sciences, especially medical sciences, so let’s have one be the crew doctor. I would be willing to put up with the shedding if it meant that I could have someone who can melt metal with their screams. That would be very handy. So even though as pacifists s/he wouldn’t be much help with the fighting, there are enough other benefits that I’d like to have one around.

Speaking of incredibly smart people I want a Vulcan. I don’t think I need an explanation for that one. All around good thing to have around.

Lastly I want an R2 series astromech droid. (Originally I was going to ask for Wall*E because of how creative he is, but then I realized that violated my original rule.) R2 units are known to be very reliable and great workers. It would be a great addition to my maintenance crew. Especially since they too can work in the vacuum of space. And can store a ton of information.

Now we get to the list of things I want to have with me as I travel in space. I want Mary Poppins’ bag. That thing is incredible. Especially if I could get it fitted with straps and make it more of a backpack or messenger bag, it would be so handy! So yeah, I want one. And inside of it I would like: a sonic screw driver, a copy of the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, a towel, food cubes/some sort of nutrition bar, and a stillsuit.

Also my ship needs a holodeck. Living in such close proximity we’re going need something to help us blow off some steam and escape a little. Mental health needs to be maintained for things to run smoothly.

So what do you guys want with you?


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