Are you ready?

When they come, do you have a plan?

And no, I am not talking about an alien invasion. Or a zombie breakout. Or the apocalypse. You want to know what we should be worried about?


Yes you heard me. Plants. Green leafy plants. Hasn’t Day of the Triffids (each incarnation) Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Little Shop of Horrors (another one with multiple adaptations) taught us anything? We don’t have to worry about extra-terrestrial life, the problem is already here on Earth. Already surrounding us. (Hell, even Plants vs Zombies and Ents showed us the potential of flora, even if it was on our side.) That is in part what is so terrifying about this. They are already here. It is only a matter of time before the evolve and take over the world.

While the Audrey II is a fictional ferocious flytrap, there is evidence of actual real life carnivorous plants. This one is even pretty sneaky and kills its prey underground. Talk about terrifying. Also, they are already in communication*, chemically as well as acoustically. Whut. It is literally only a matter of time before they start plotting. They probably already have a motive too. I can see it now, a verdure revolution because of the wrongs mankind has committed, such as deforestation, climate change etc.

The B-movies of the 60s – as well as other eras – recognized the potency of evil vegetation. But this seems to be a trope that is underutilized in modern cinema. There are a few instances of it, excluding remakes of earlier movies, but there could be more. Like zombies they can be very versatile  They can be slow, fast, carnivorous  blinding, even musical. There clearly needs to be more movies about plants trying to take over the world. And like I mentioned before, part of the fear comes from the fact that they are already so familiar to us and everywhere. A network of sentient fungi or dandelions (those f**ckers spread like no other) could be an amazing plotline.

I don’t know about you, but I will never look at an ivy covered building the same way again.

*Shout out to the University of Exeter (my alma mater – also responsible for the 3D chocolate printer – has its priorities in order) for this horrifying bit of news.


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