I am starting a zine! (For those of you referred here by the post on the SPX tumblr you are already aware of this, but bear with me.)

The basic info, before I get into the story of the whole thing is:

  • I am starting a zine called Parallax
  • It is open for submissions
  • These submissions can take any (seriously, any) form (in any genre)  as long as it can be printed (in greyscale)
  • The submissions should be inspired by the theme of the zine (this volume’s theme is ‘eolian’)
  • All accepted work will be paid*
  • Submit by emailing your work to

*Not a huge amount since this is mostly coming out of pocket. But still, money.

So now that that is out of the way I can feel free to write a long post about the project without worrying about you losing the key information. It is all up there.

This whole thing came about because I have always really wanted to get into small print stuff. I have tried making my own comics, short stories, illustrations etc., but I have a hard time finishing these longer form projects. I like making 2-5 page things, but I didn’t have enough of them to print myself. Also, I always enjoyed in college seeing how differently students would interpret a prompt. Some very literal, more figuratively etc. And selfishly I wanted to see all the different versions of a theme. As many of my friends are writers and artists I thought it would be interesting to send them all a prompt and print what they did. Wanting to support their work, I would pay them, and then I had the idea of advertising the whole project online and seeing if I could get some other people to submit as well.

And thus Parallax was born.

Parallax literally refers to the process of how things appear differently when viewed from different angles. (We all take advantage of this as this is what allows us to have depth perception.) As this zine is devoted to the idea of different interpretations of a single theme, or how it is seen differently from distinct points of view, I thought it was a fitting title. The theme for this volume came from an episode of StarTalk with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He was discussing the geology of Mars I believe and the impact of the winds there and referred to it as ‘eolian.’ I thought it was a beautiful word, with fascinated connections to Greek Mythology (forgive me, I did study Classics) and that it could be interpreted in many different ways.

I have a lot of plans for Parallax. I want to try to produce two volumes in 2014. I plan to run an indiegogo campaign to help fund this first issue, to take some of the financial strain off myself. Through this campaign I hope to fund a 100 print (this is a small print publication, right?) run. I would love to sell 100 copies this year as well. I will charge $5 for the zine itself, and if I can get the printing cost around $2 per issue, then I can give $1 back to the artists/writers, donate $1 to an art charity, and put $1 towards the next volume of the zine. So if I can sell 100 copies, I will be donating $100 to charity, splitting $100 among the creators, and have $100 to use to pay the artists for the next volume that isn’t coming out of pocket. I am hoping I can get some of those involved to donate some more work to the campaign for other payment levels, that way there is more opportunities to raise money. And all money not going directly to the production costs will be split along the same model.

I am telling you all of this because I want you to know that I am not doing this is make money. I am not going to use any of the money personally but pour it back into the project. I am doing this because I love to create, and I love supporting others who do too. So please consider submitting something. I need your help to make this great.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to ask questions, here or at my email (Also check out the zine page on the site.) And share this with those you think might be interested!

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